The DeMary Memorial Library provides timely, popular and interesting materials in a variety of formats for persons of all ages and it supports individuals pursuing a sustained program of learning independent of any educational provider.

Welcome to Your Library in Rupert

he Minidoka County Centennial Cookbooks

are In!!!

Get yours at the library and celebrate 100 years of Down Home Cooking plus photos and mini-histories. 


Use your Amazon purchases to support DeMary Memorial Library. Click the "Buy it Now" button, buy any item and part of the proceeds will come our way.  


You can sign up for OneClickdigital in your own home. Click on the link above and find Create New Account placed at the top right hand corner of the page. You will need to have your library card handy.  

Are you interested in learning how to navigate and use the LiLI Databases or just have questions? There are tutorials and tips to help you out. Follow the link below to get a list of tutorials and tips available for your use.

                               LiLI Databases Tutorials and Tips

Summer Reading Program will be every Thursday

10:00-11:00 a.m. with lunch to follow at the Rupert Square!

June 5th-I Scream, You Scream we all scream for…

States of Matter!!

Join us as we learn about solids, liquids and gasses!


 June 12-Color Magic-Glow in the dark bubbles?!?

Melted Crayon Art?!?

Join us to find out!


June 19-Fire away!!

Catapult building at its finest!

Make your own catapult

and help us catapult water balloons!


June 26 - Life Cycles:

Butterflies go through them,

 Frogs go through them,

do you?



July 10- Explosions

and Slow Motion! 

Coke and Mentos,

 Giant Water Balloons,

and Goo…

does life get any better?


July 17-Mad Science Party

Summer Reading Program

prizes and fun!





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